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Flooded Road Due To Septic Tank Issues Blunt County, AL

Extreme Weather & Your Septic System – What To Know

In the US alone, over 60 million households thrive on septic tanks - a sustainable and more affordable alternative to relying on public sewage lines. Unlike standard sewage lines that carry the waste to water treatment plants, septic tanks work…

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Septic Tank Repairs Inground Shelby County, AL

Septic By The Numbers – American Septic Statistics

Chances are good that most of us have experienced a so-called “frequency illusion” at some point in our lives. We notice something for the first time—a car model, a fashion trend, or even a popular phrase—and then, out of nowhere,…

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Outhouse In The Woods

A Brief History of Septic Systems

The history of human infrastructure is the history of humanity. From roads and bridges to huts and houses, our lives are informed by the technologies of our time. Plumbing and human waste management are certainly no exceptions! Over the years,…

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The Construction Of An Underground Sand And Gravel Drainage System

Where Does the Waste Go? – Leach Fields Explained

Septic system ownership is a liberating experience—one that allows us to live where and how we like. Septic systems give us more options for where we build our homes, freeing us up from the typical grid and empowering us to…

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Household Cleaning Items Calhoun County, AL

Think Before You Drain – Harmful Household Chemicals

The phrase, “Better living through chemistry,” might as well be the anthem of the modern world. If we could take a peek beneath the kitchen sinks of every household in America, we’d find dozens of bottles of various chemicals used…

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Man Pumping An Underground Septic Tank

Signs of a Full Septic Tank (And What to Do Next)

When compared to sewer systems, septic systems present innumerable advantages. Septic systems are clean, sustainable, reliable, and affordable, and with regular maintenance some septic systems can even outlast your residency in a home.  But while sewers belong to a community,…

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Septic System Bacteria Help To Break Down Waste

Getting to Know Your Septic System’s Bacteria

The human world is full of big things. For instance: there’s our big house surrounded by tall trees on a piece of decent land in a large county.  Because we (and the things we build) are typically big by our…

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