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Common Septic Tank Systems Questions

At Economy Septic Tank Service, we understand that your home’s septic system is one of the most important systems in your house. Our certified septic system technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality services, including septic tank repair, installation, maintenance, and pumping to ensure your system remains vital and durable for the long term. We work with a variety of septic systems, including installing septic field lines and providing valuable insights to our clients considering a new septic system or remediation of an existing system.

We are often asked questions about septic systems when our customers call us. Check out some of our most frequently asked septic tank systems questions, and give us a call if you don’t see the answer you need. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have!

How does a septic system work?

Septic systems – whether residential or commercial, conventional, or alternative – work to treat wastewater as it’s disposed from the home. The septic tank separates the waste into three layers, including solids, liquids (effluent), and scum. The effluent, or liquid waste, is dispersed through the drain field, which is a series of perforated pipes that slowly emit the liquid into the surrounding soil. The solids, or sludge, and scum are retained in the tank until it is pumped out by one of our septic system technicians.

How often should my septic tank be serviced?

Depending on the size and usage of your home’s septic system, you may need to pump your septic tank as frequently as annually or as seldom as every eight or more years. If you’re unsure if your septic tank needs to be pumped, contact Economy Septic Tank Service and let our technicians take a look.

How can I tell if my septic tank is full?

If it’s been some time since you’ve pumped your septic tank, it could be getting close to full. A few surefire signs that it’s full and time to be pumped are slow drains, sewage backups into the home, and foul odors coming from your drains. Additionally, if you notice that your lawn is overly healthy, this could be a sign that the effluent is draining at an incorrect pace or that solids are also being emitted into the drain field.

Will my toilets flush if the septic tank is full?

An early indicator that it’s time to pump your septic tank can be toilets that are slow to flush where they previously flushed at a standard pace. In more extreme cases, your toilets may not flush at all.

If you’re experiencing either of these in your Northern Alabama home, it’s time to schedule an appointment for septic tank pumping with our technicians at Economy Septic Tank Service.

How much does it typically cost to have a septic tank pumped?

The cost of having your septic tank pumped depends on a variety of factors, including the size and age of your septic tank. Our technicians provide free estimates on all of our septic tank services, including septic tank pumping, so schedule an appointment and let us take a look.

Can you design and install a new septic system for my home?

Absolutely! Our highly-experienced team has been providing septic tank services in Northern Alabama since 1975. We’ve helped homeowners and contractors design both conventional and alternative septic systems for residential and commercial purposes. If you’re looking at a new septic system design and installation, make sure Economy Septic Tank Service is at the top of your list to help you achieve your goals.

What happens if you don’t pump your septic tank?

This is a common question! Several issues may occur if you don’t pump your septic tank, including the diminishment of your septic tank’s holding capacity. The buildup of sludge and scum may cause the solids to back up into your home or clog the pipes that feed into your drain field.

Easily avoid these issues by making sure that you get your home’s septic tank pumped on schedule. If you’re not sure when you should be having this service done, give us a call and let us help you out.

Can excessive rain cause my septic tank to overflow?

Unfortunately, yes, excessive rain may cause your septic system to overflow into the drain field, especially if the rain comes on quickly. Let our technicians inspect your drain field and septic system so that you can be alerted to any potential threats ahead of time.

Is it okay to put vinegar in my septic tank to kill any bacteria?

If you want to help your septic tank clean any bacteria build-up, using vinegar can help to clean up your system, regardless of whether you use a large or small amount.

What is the best toilet paper for septic systems?

If your home uses a septic system, you’ll want to make sure you’re only using biodegradable toilet paper. These types of toilet paper are specifically designed to quickly dissolve. Whereas lower quality, ultra-thick, triple-ply, and heavy-duty toilet papers will sink to the bottom of the tank and accumulate over time, contributing to the sludge and scum in your tank and reducing the time between pumps.

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