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Winter Septic Tank Repair Alabama

Winter Weather & Your Septic System – A Guide

An estimated 60 million people in the US are served by septic tank systems. Aside from allowing homeowners to live off-grid, septic systems offer numerous other benefits. Some of the most appealing septic advantages include reduced monthly costs, reliable plumbing without paying for sewer upgrades, and decades of service with only minor maintenance. 

Additionally, septic systems are incredibly durable and can withstand a range of weather conditions. As winter approaches, it’s important to understand what issues might arise and how to prepare your septic tanks for the cold weather. Learn all you need to know in this guide by Economy Septic Tank Service.

Cold Temperatures Can Freeze Septic Tank’s Components

Depending on the winter climate in your area, your septic tank components, such as pipes, can freeze. When temperatures drop below 70 degrees, the cold can affect the natural biodegradation processes that happen within the tank, slowing down the breakdown of waste materials. When this happens, the system might end up overloaded and clogged up. 

Prevent it and fix it – You can prevent cold temperatures from freezing your tank’s components by insulating it. Planting trees in the right spots, letting vegetation grow nearby, or using insulators can all keep your septic system warm all winter long. Don’t forget to keep using warm water!

Large Party Gatherings Can Overload Your Tanks

During the holiday season, freezing temperatures are coupled with more parties. This means that you’ll use more resources and water. In turn, increased toilet, laundry, and shower use can cause your septic tank to work harder. 

While this might not be such a pressing issue in summer months, during winter the bacteria in your septic tank will work at a slower pace, potentially causing a backlog leading to a clogged tank.

Prevent it and fix it – You can prevent septic tank overloads by scheduling shower uses, finishing food preparations ahead of time, and reducing input from home appliances before the party season. Consider scheduling a maintenance appointment before hosting your first party!

Compacted Snow Can Affect The Tank’s Disposal Process

As the snow continues to fall, it accumulates on the ground. While this is nothing to worry about at first, once snow starts to solidify, it can affect the way your septic tank works. In fact, compacted snow can add pressure to the tank, slowing down the action of bacteria and penetrating the layer of natural insulation. This can cause wastewater to leave the tank before being entirely processed. 

Prevent it and fix it – Keep the tank clear of snow buildups, avoid driving over the septic tank, and continue to aerate the soil throughout winter to ensure maximum operation and minimal disruption to the comfort of your home!

Pumping Issues Are More Common in Winter

Septic tanks can become clogged at any time of the year. During summer months, all you need to do is pump your septic tank. But in winter, this process can be a lot more complicated! If ice and snow prevent you from reaching your tank, you might find yourself with an impaired system and no easy means of fixing it. 

Prevent it and fix it – Consider installing a septic tank riser to maintain year-round access to the tank. You can also keep on top of regular maintenance and repairs during the summer months to ensure optimum functionality during the winter season!

Get Your Septic Tank Winter-Ready With Economy Septic Tank Service

Septic systems are symbols of efficiency, durability, and freedom. While septic tanks are highly resilient and able to withstand most climate conditions, it is essential for septic tank owners to stay vigilant of freezing temperatures and the impacts they have on septic systems. 

At Economy Septic Tank Service we recommend scheduling regular checkups to ensure that your system remains functional and efficient throughout winter. Get in touch today at (256) 294-1924 to schedule emergency maintenance, pumping, or repair before the temperatures drop!

Excellent septic service all year long with Economy Septic!

Septic systems can handle just about anything the climate throws at them, but as septic owners, it’s our responsibility to maximize our investment by doing what we can to ensure optimal functionality. To learn how you can keep your septic system working hard all winter long, or to schedule regular maintenance or repairs, call (256)435-1086 today!