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Thermometer Behind A Frozen Window

Commonly Asked Questions About Your Septic System

As colder temperatures stick around in Northern Alabama, it’s natural to think that critical home systems are greatly affected by changes in weather. The few months before summer in Alabama are notorious for ever changing temperatures, and these variable conditions pose unique challenges to septic systems, but few that it can’t handle on its own. 

At Economy Septic Tank Service, we’re here to answer your most frequently asked questions concerning septic systems in colder weather. Keep on reading to learn how to keep your septic system in tip-top shape!

How Do I Prepare My Septic System for Spring Cold Snaps?

We recommend you prepare your septic tank for the varying temperatures by getting it inspected and serviced beforehand to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Experienced technicians can evaluate whether or not your pipes or other system elements are at risk of cracking or freezing during cold conditions. 

After a septic tank inspection, you can do a few things to prevent your pipes from freezing. If you can, insulate the areas where there are exposed pipes to keep the water flowing freely. If you’re particularly worried about a freezing system on a specific day, you can run warm water for laundry, showers, and baths. 

What Should I Do if My Septic System Freezes?

If your septic system freezes, you should call septic services as soon as possible. Some common signs include toilets that won’t flush and showers and washing machines that won’t drain. If you call the professionals for backup, they can assess the situation and perform any necessary septic tank repairs to prevent more damage from occurring in the future. 

An expert team, like the one at Economy Septic, can also address why your septic system froze. They can provide a solution and answers to avoid future septic tank fiascos. 

Can I Use a Septic Tank During Colder Weather?

You can continue using your septic tank as usual during colder temperatures. If temperatures remain above 32°F (0°C), water will not freeze, and your system should remain undamaged. However, if the temperature goes below that and the system begins to freeze, you may notice sewage backup. 

When it comes to your septic tank, preparation is critical. You can keep your tank warm by running warm showers or laundry once daily, adding insulation, and keeping vegetation around your septic system for insulation. 

Should You Pump a Septic Tank in the Colder Months?

Most professionals recommend owners perform septic tank pumping once every three to five years, regardless of the season. However, cold weather can cause slow drains and backed-up sewage, making it necessary to perform maintenance operations more regularly. 

Generally, winter is not the optimal season for pumping septic tanks. The frozen ground makes it more difficult and time-consuming to pump material, increasing the cost. We recommend scheduling maintenance on a sunny, warm day, so your system is prepared for any spring snafus.

Does Antifreeze Help Prevent Septic Tanks from Freezing?

You should not use antifreeze solutions in your septic system. Chemicals can damage the internals and contaminate groundwater, making it dangerous for people and wildlife. Antifreeze can also disrupt your system, so we recommend never using it as a prevention for freezing pipes. 

We hate to sound like a broken record, but insulating the system and any exposed pipes leading to it is the best way to prevent a septic tank from freezing. A few strategies to add insulation include placing a thick blanket around exposed areas, adding mulch to the surrounding area, and running warm water throughout the day. 

Get Septic Tank Maintenance and Servicing 

As the cooler temperatures hang around, there are a few ways to keep your system in peak condition. We recommend scheduling service, insulating your system, and running warm water throughout the system. At Economy Septic Service, we have years of experience providing Alabama residents with the highest quality of service. During an inspection, our team can evaluate the tank and its essential components, like the inlet pipes, durian field, and distribution box. 

Schedule Septic Tank Maintenance with Economy Septic Tank Service Today!

We’re here to help keep you and your family’s septic system in excellent condition this winter and beyond. If you need professional septic tank maintenance to prepare your system for, call Economy Septic Tank Service today at 256-435-1086.