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What to Do When Septic Smells Are Haunting Your Home?

There’s nothing much worse than sewage smells in your home. These unwanted smells can disrupt your daily activities and leave you feeling frustrated and queasy. Likewise, the location and intensity of certain undesired aromas could point to a serious issue within your septic system.

By understanding what kind of problems may be causing smelly odors, you can prevent serious issues before they spiral out of control. There’s nothing to fear with Economy Septic Tank Services on your side!

Why Does My Septic Tank Smell?

If you notice a foul odor similar to rotten eggs or sewage coming from your septic system or the drains in your home, this could signify that your septic tank needs repair. There should be no distinct smell if your system is functioning correctly.

Typically, your septic system smells when household waste is not processed correctly in septic tanks. Common reasons your septic tank isn’t functioning appropriately include fissures or breaks, anaerobic bacteria, contaminants, or a full septic tank.

Let’s take a deeper dive into these common issues that cause your septic tank to produce unwanted, stinky smells.

Fissure or Break

When waste from your house is collected in the septic tank, it is separated into three layers: scum (grease, oils, and fats), effluent (liquid wastewater), and sludge (solid organic materials). Then, the wastewater is pumped into the drain fields via an effluent pipe and transfer pipes.

The vertical pipe that extends throughout the entirety of the building is referred to as the soil stack. If this pipe is cracked, it could be what is causing the smell. You may be able to examine the soil stack yourself, but we recommend calling professionals for backup to check your drainage pipes.

Anaerobic Bacteria

The aerobic bacteria in a septic tank are the unsung heroes of the system because they break down waste entirely on their own. But, these bacteria can potentially change into anaerobic bacteria if your septic system is not adequately supplied with oxygen.

Anaerobic bacteria are very inefficient at digesting organic waste compared to aerobic bacteria and can cause problems inside your septic system. If organic matter is not digested properly, a buildup of sludge, also known as solid waste, can occur and cause unpleasant odors.

You can try some treatments that will remove any anaerobic bacteria from the septic tank while still leaving the aerobic bacteria in place. However, it can be tricky to tell if the wrong kind of bacteria is affecting your septic system, so we recommend calling a technician for assistance.


A stinky septic tank can also be caused by the improper disposal of everyday household items, such as wet wipes and feminine hygiene products, which the septic system was not intended to process. If you flush these items down the drain, it can cause a backup in your system. Sewage backups cause result in sour smells and even health hazards for you and your family.

We recommend making sure everyone in your household or business is conscious of what they’re flushing down the drain. Even though your tank was made to deal with toilet paper, certain toilet paper types are easier for the system to deal with than others. Choose either recycled or biodegradable tissue to reduce the likelihood of problems and unpleasant odors.

Full Tank

If you’re encountering funky smells from your septic system, it may be time to pump your septic tank to remove long-standing oils, grease, and solids that accumulate over time. A full septic tank can create a backup in your system, causing odors to form inside or outside your home.

At Economy Septic Tank Services, we recommend septic tank pumping every 3 to 5 years. Depending on the size of your tank, the size of your house or business, and other factors, you may need to pump it more or less frequently. With scheduled regular septic tank pumping, you can reduce your chances of encountering smelly problems.

Minimize Septic Tank Odors with Economy Septic Tank Service

This Halloween season, don’t be haunted by strange, scary smells from your septic tank system. From cracks in the pipes to blockages in the tank, there are a number of issues that could be causing your septic tank to smell. If you are encountering any unwanted smells inside or outside of your home or business, we recommend contacting a professional to find a solution.

At Economy Septic Tank Services, your satisfaction and safety is our top priority. We offer various septic services, including septic tank pumping, repairs, installation, maintenance, and more, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted smells. Schedule regular maintenance appointments with us to avoid stinky odors and boost your system’s longevity!

Your Trusted Septic Tank Service in Northern Alabama

Since 1975, we have provided our customers with the highest quality service. For fair, affordable septic tank solutions, contact Economy Septic Tank Services. Call us at 256-435-1086 or contact us online. Let us help you rid your septic tank of strange smells today!