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Laundry & Your Septic Tank – What You Need to Know

According to a recent study, more than 21 million Americans rely on septic systems to filter liquid waste in their homes. As it serves such an important function within the home, it’s important that your septic system is well-maintained and cared for, particularly during periods of high usage. Unlike municipal sewer systems, your septic tank has only one owner, one user, and one party responsible for upkeep: you.

Though most often associated with toilets and sinks, your washing machine can also take its toll on your septic system. During the holiday season, guests can take a toll on your septic system too. In an already fraught moment for your property’s plumbing, knowing how to balance your laundry loads can make all the difference.

In this blog, the experts at Economy Septic Tank Service discuss how to balance demands on your washing machine to maintain your septic system’s health.

How Can Your Laundry Machine Impact Your Septic Tank?

Septic tanks are designed to handle a specific amount of water each day. For reference, the average washing machine will use approximately 20 gallons of water per load. Naturally, this means that multiple loads of laundry can overwhelm a septic system, especially if they’re back-to-back during a busy visit from friends and family.

During the holiday season, house guests increase the strain on your septic system throughout the day by using the toilet, brushing their teeth, and bathing. These few extra showers and toilet flushes may not seem like a big deal, but coupled with the water for laundry, your system may be pushed near or even past its limit.

Similarly, powerful chemicals in your detergent can also wreak havoc when it comes to your septic tank. Some detergents cause buildup in the system, destroy helpful bacteria, and encourage algae growth. As a result, we advise using only the recommended amount of detergent and choosing your laundry products carefully.

How to Balance Demands On Your Washing Machine with Your Septic System’s Health

Whether you’re welcoming more guests into your home this winter or washing your coziest clothes each day to ensure you stay warm, there are a few ways you can keep your septic system in tip-top shape. We recommend the following:

Reduce the number of times you use your washing machine daily. For example, if you need to wash four loads of laundry a week, spread them out over several days. This will give the machine time to filter the liquid waste into the drain field.

Purchase laundry detergent that won’t interfere with your septic tank. We advise looking for products that are free from harmful chemicals. Some of our favorite brands for septic system health include Arm & Hammer, Mrs. Meyers, and ECOS.

Ensure you are using only the recommended amount of laundry detergent. Not only can this reduce potential damage to your septic tank system, but it can also help you save money and increase the lifespan of your clothes.

As laundry demands place extra pressure on a septic system by releasing more water than they are prepared to handle, selecting shorter cycles can also prove beneficial, since they use less water overall.

Maintain Your Septic System This Holiday Season

Another way to ensure that your septic tank is working flawlessly all year round is through regular maintenance. During maintenance checks, a professional septic tank technician will wash out your tank, perform an inspection, and diagnose any problems. We recommend maintenance checks every 3 years, or more, depending on the size of your septic tank.

At Economy Septic Tank Service we specialize in septic tank installation, maintenance, and repairs. If you do encounter any problems during the holidays, our team provides emergency service. Proudly serving Northeast Alabama, our quality service ensures your septic system lasts for years to come.

Your Septic Tank Experts in Alabama

Whether you need emergency holiday septic service or want to schedule regular maintenance, Economy Septic Tank Service can help. With years of experience and continual training, our technicians can tackle any septic system problem. Call us at (256)294-1924 or contact us online today!