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Septic Tank Service Jacksonville, AL

The Numerous Advantages of Septic Systems – Affordability, Sustainability, Versatility

We all rely on public sewer systems in our towns to trap, filter, and dispose of household waste. However, public sewage systems—and the costs associated with using them—are not the only option. 

Today, over 60 million Americans rely on septic tanks over standard public sewers systems. The prevalence of these tanks over normal sewage systems varies: in Vermont, over 55% of homeowners have a septic tank, while 90% of California households still rely on the public sewage system. 

Septic systems are much more versatile, affordable, and sustainable compared to municipal water lines. And, whatever your dream house is, a septic tank allows you to be completely independent. Find out more of these unique septic advantages below. 


Monthly bills represent a mild inconvenience for some, but for some households and smaller communities, these bills can represent a significant burden. Wastewater disposal is one of the most significant costs, adding up to over $200 a month for a single household in some parts of the country. 

Thanks to septic tanks, you can avoid the costs commonly associated with public sewage systems and reduce your monthly bills. In turn, while the initial cost of septic tanks can be intimidating, they are a valuable investment that can help you save for years to come.


Municipal sewer systems may seem convenient, or even sustainable by material standards. But one less talked-about aspect of sewer systems is their immense waste. Sewage systems pour endless gallons of disposal water into landfills or water bodies

Alternatively, septic systems work by dissolving the waste directly into the tanks. They do so by allowing the waste to separate into three layers, each of which follows a differentiated disposal channel. Thanks to naturally occurring bacteria that dissolve the waste, septic tanks allow homeowners to live off the grid or without relying on the main sewer system. 

Septic is not only ecologically sustainable, but sustainable for a homeowner as well. On municipal sewer lines, everyone is responsible for repairs, maintenance, replacements, and cleaning up the waste. The opposite is true for septic owners.


We might not always think about how we dispose of our wastewater. But depending on where you plan to build, a connection to the nearest municipal sewer system may not be possible. If a connection can be made, the homeowners are usually on the hook for the costs. If you’re planning on a custom home or new commercial property, you’ll need to connect to the city’s water and electricity lines. If these are not present or hard to reach, you might not be able to build at that location. 

Septic systems allow us the freedom to build anywhere. Whether you’re thinking about investing in off-the-grid accommodations, or if you’ve found the perfect spot for a home with a view, a septic tank gives you the critical flexibility you need. 

Septic Systems – Way of the Present

Septic systems pose numerous advantages over municipal sewer systems, allowing us to build anywhere, protect the surrounding land, and pay less on average per month. Septic maintenance and repairs are minimal (you will need to empty the tank every 4-5 years and replace it altogether after 20), making septic the unrivaled alternative to standard sewage lines. 

To learn more about how a septic system may be affordable for your new property in the long run, or to schedule maintenance for your present septic system, trust the pros at Economy Septic.

Independent waste management for the independent homeowner

We don’t always have a choice in our home waste management systems. But if you’re building a new house or looking at land, septic is the clear choice. Septic systems give us the independence we need to live wherever we choose. Septic technology is more affordable, less damaging to the surrounding grounds, and can go anywhere you need it to. For more septic advantages, or to schedule regular maintenance or repair, call Economy Septic today at (256) 435-1086!