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Septic System Bacteria Help To Break Down Waste

Getting to Know Your Septic System’s Bacteria

The human world is full of big things. For instance: there’s our big house surrounded by tall trees on a piece of decent land in a large county.  Because we (and the things we build) are typically big by our…

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Open Septic System After Being Dug Out

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Septic Systems

What do buried treasure, Egyptian ruins, and septic systems all have in common? It may sound like a cheap joke, but the answer’s pretty obvious: they’re all underground. It’s easy to conjure rumors and invent myths about things we neither…

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Toilet Flapper On A Residential Toilet

To Flush or Not to Flush These Common Household Items

Modern septic systems are ecological marvels, waste disposal masterpieces designed to accompany a home wherever it’s built. Impressive though they are, septic systems can’t handle everything. User error can sabotage a healthy system causing loss of function and costly damage.…

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Covered Underground Septic Tank Surrounded By The Drainfield

Septic System Advantages – Choosing Septic Over Sewer

Modern domestic and commercial drainage systems come in roughly two options – local sewer systems or individual septic systems. For many of us, the choice may be made already, since moving into an existing home usually means using its existing…

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Septic System Openings Over The Drain Field

Keeping Your Septic System Healthy – Basic Care Tips

Once the tank is buried and the toilets flush, it’s easy to forget about your friendly, handy septic system. It’s also tempting to think that, without much input from you, your septic system will remain healthy and operational for years…

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Septic System Repair Service

How to Know if Your Septic System Needs a Repair

Your septic tank system can last for decades if properly maintained. However, septic systems sometimes need repairs to keep them working for as long as possible. You may notice some obvious signs of disrepair, but not all septic system problems…

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Septic Tank Pump Service

How to Avoid Septic Sludge: When to Get Your Tank Pumped

If you are like many people with septic tank systems, you may be neglecting the routine maintenance required to keep your system functioning properly. Disregarding regular maintenance and pumping can lead to waste puddles in your yard, overflow in toilets…

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