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How to Disguise Your Septic Tank – A Guide

Your property’s septic tank plays a valuable role in your water supply and wastewater management facilities. But let’s face it, the septic system is hardly the most attractive item in your backyard. Learning how to disguise septic tank access sites in a safe and effective fashion is a priority for homeowners across Northern Alabama.

Before making your septic tank less visible, our experts advise that you clean the septic system to help reduce smells and aid its overall health. After completing this task, move on to the following tips to keep your septic pumping suitably disguised.

Use Potted Plants

Plants and trees naturally stand out as the obvious way to make your septic tank less visible. However, trees should not be planted in the vicinity of the septic pumping system as the roots could cause major damage at a later date. 

Instead, it is far better to use potted plants, which can disguise the septic tank lid with the same results. Potted plants provide the added benefit of posing no risk of root problems while being every bit as beautiful as installed foliage. Best of all, if you do find that septic maintenance is required at some stage, the potted plants can be moved for ease of access.

Plant Grass (Carefully)

You will want to avoid growing grass on top of the system, long grass can be a pleasing option that can be planted around the septic access point (lid). Unlike trees, grass roots are fibrous and will not so quickly threaten the tank or its pipework.

Long, decorative grasses can serve as the perfect way to disguise the septic tank lid. In most cases, you won’t even need to cut the grass before a septic tank inspection. Still, even if you do need to cut the grass for septic specialists, it will grow back  

Build A Rockery 

Rockeries—decorative arrangements made of rocks, slabs, and slate—are frequently used to add texture and height to a backyard space, creating an interesting design that can be tailored to your tastes. Better still, they aren’t permanently positioned, which makes them a good option to hide the septic system from certain views.

Alternatively, if you have a larger backyard than most, you may find that a statue looks perfect. In some cases, this solution can shield the access point from view while still offering the possibility to relocate it during septic tank repair services. Even if you opt for a smaller statue near the access point, your eyes will be drawn up and away from the ground level.

Decorate The Lid

While the above options are all great for shielding the septic tank access point, it’s vital that you never physically cover or build over the tank. Thankfully, there are several ways to decorate the lid for a more attractive appearance.

Perhaps the simplest way is to paint the lid in a more attractive color. Alternatively, you could consider creating a mosaic lid cover using small tiles. This can work exceptionally well with other patio services, as well as rockeries and water features. Whether it’s a new septic tank installation or updating the current solution, it is a stunning solution.

Gone But Not Forgotten

In addition to knowing your septic tank disguise options, it’s equally crucial to know what you shouldn’t do. As well as avoiding trees, you should never plant fruit and vegetables or cover the system tank with any permanent or particularly heavy structure that could harm its function or prevent access for repairs. 

No structures (permanent or otherwise) should be constructed above the tank or throughout the leach field. Potted plants, other decorative features, and temporary installations can be used to shield the tank from view, but nothing should be physically placed above the tank or lid. 

For all your septic needs beyond disguise, contact Economy Septic Tank Services today!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Septic tanks serve a vital function for you and your household, but they’re not always the most attractive features of your property. With careful design, precise placement, and a little bit of ingenuity, you can disguise your septic system access point without compromising the functionality or ease of access. To schedule tank emptying, tank service, or system service, call your trusted Northern Alabama company today at (256) 435-1086!