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Cleaning Septic Tank For The New Year Calhoun County, AL

New Year, Clean Tank – Starting 2022 Right With Septic Tech

The holiday season is for resting and replenishing our energy levels, but the beginning of the new year is for household maintenance projects. Septic tank pumping is one of those important tasks on your to-do list that should be ticked before any other. 

Septic tanks are incredibly resilient systems that allow more than 60 million people in the US to live off the grid. But despite the dependability septic technology offers, with unparalleled freedom comes great responsibility, especially during the winter months when pumping issues are more likely to happen.

This New Year, it may be time to finally give your septic tank the fresh start it deserves. Learn all about septic emptying and pumping in this guide by Economy Septic Tank Service.

When to Pump Your Septic Tank

Septic tanks are versatile and can last longer than two decades. But without proper maintenance, cleaning, and pumping, septic tanks can lead to severe health issues related to exposure to wastewater, such as:

  • E. Coli related Gastroenteritis
  • Airborne bacteria that trigger sinus infections
  • Respiratory illnesses

Luckily, you can prevent some or all of these issues by pumping your septic tank regularly. As a best practice, you should:

  • Invest in a professional septic tank inspection every 3 years
  • Inspect septic tanks with electrical flute switches and mechanical components once a year
  • Pump your septic tank every 3 to 5 years

The length of time that can pass between one septic cleaning and another can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Septic tank size
  • Number of household residents
  • Amount of wastewater generated by home or business
  • Amount of solid waste that needs to be disposed of

Learning to use water conservatively and recognize when the septic tank is full can help you keep up with your maintenance schedule. 

How Much Does It Cost to Pump your Septic System?

One of the main reasons why homeowners opt to install a septic tank instead of connecting to the public sewer system is the affordability and septic technology offers. 

There are, however, some important costs you shouldn’t skimp on, such as maintenance and pumping. Again, the cost of emptying and cleaning your tank will depend on several factors, including:

  • Size of the tank
  • Number of chambers 
  • Accessibility to the property and the tank

Generally, you can expect to pay between $295 and $610, but it all depends on your tank’s specifics!

While this might seem like a significant recurring cost, you won’t need to pay it more often than every three years. It is still a far lower cost than keeping up with municipal bills, plumbing maintenance, and periodic upgrades required by the city. And, don’t worry, you’ll have your septic tank back in optimal working order in 25-45 minutes!

Benefits of Septic Pumping

Septic tank pumping is essential to ensure that your system will continue to run smoothly for years to come. However, there are other benefits that might convince you to finally give your septic tank a fresh start this year!

  • Regularly cleaning your tank can extend its lifespan (20 years or longer)
  • Cleaning your septic tank can prevent issues that are likely to happen during the winter months
  • Pumping your septic tank can prevent overflowing, backed up, or clogged pipes, all of  which are more likely when your tank is full

Keep Up With Your Septic Maintenance With Economy Septic Tank Service

Installing a septic tank for your home can be a considerable investment. Luckily, once your septic system is installed, you can count on it for 20 years or longer with the right maintenance! 

During and after the winter months especially, scheduling regular maintenance and pumping can guarantee you a comfortable and stress-free new year. Get in touch with Economy Septic Tank Service at 256.294.1924 to schedule your septic cleaning, maintenance, and checkups for 2022!

Get your Septic System back in perfect working order with Economy Septic!

The best plumbing solutions are the ones we don’t have to think about too often. Septic systems run day in and day out with minimal time and financial investments from homeowners. Part of being a responsible septic owner is making sure to clear your tank as needed, or roughly every 3-5 years. Don’t wait until it’s too late, losing comfort and functionality in your home. Call (256) 435-1086 today!