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Underground Septic System Uncovered Following A Clog Repair

Preparing for Tank Installation – What You Need to Know

The decision has been made–you’re in the market for a septic tank. In the right hands, septic tank installation can be an easy and painless process. But there are several steps that you, as the homeowner, will need to take to ensure the smoothest installation with few, if any, difficulties.  

Whether you’re installing a tank for the first time or repairing an old one, this handy guide can walk you through the ins and outs of preparation. By following these four steps, you can limit disruption to your household and make the process smoother for everyone involved.

The right installer is more than happy to help you through, or even take care of, some of the steps below. But one or two arrangements will fall on you personally, and the more you know about the process as a whole, the better off you’ll be.

1 – Put in the Paperwork 

Septic tank installation requires digging, heavy equipment, and some crafty engineering. As such, you’ll need to touch base with your local government to understand regulations, file paperwork, and receive the necessary permits and permissions.

Receiving permission can take some time (usually weeks or even months), but you can spare yourself the headache by applying well ahead of the desired installation date. Better yet, the right septic tank installer will help you through the paperwork or even do it for you.

It’s best practice to expect a delay in receiving all relevant permissions. The sooner you apply, the better.

2 – Test the Soil

Finding the right type of septic system for your property is as easy as conducting a soil test. Soil tests also help to determine the best location for your septic tank. Depending on the specifics of your property, you’ll also want to make sure that  potential placement sites won’t interfere with any future construction.  

Generally speaking, areas of easy soil drainage–more sand and gravel–are best when considering tank placement. Even so, too much drainage at any potential site may endanger the existing groundwater.  

No tank can go in the ground without a PERC (short for percolation) test administered in most cases by a county official. You or your installer may arrange for a PERC test–whichever is easiest for you.

3 – Consider Your Neighbors (If You Have Any)

Depending on your community, you may want to alert your neighbors about upcoming installations ahead of time. As a matter of courtesy, construction projects–big, small, time consuming, or brief–are generally conveyed to people within earshot or close proximity.

Septic tank installation is a simple and brief process once all the permissions and tests have been taken care of. Even so, installation can range from two to five  days depending on the site, the weather, and other unforeseen delays.  

By alerting your neighbors ahead of time, you encourage good will, open communication, and neighborly feelings all around. 

4 – Make Arrangements for Clean Water/Toilet Access

Throughout the installation process, the water to your home will need to be shut off. This means no running water for showers, toilets, or drinking.  

If you plan on staying at the site throughout the installation, you’ll need to store enough water for drinking and washing your hands. This can mean anywhere from two to five  days worth.  

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you have access to an on-site toilet. Portable toilets can be rented for less than $100 a day. You may need to consider this cost along with the cost of installation.

Without water, showering and cooking may pose certain challenges. Storing or stocking up on more water than you need is the best way to guarantee access.

4 Steps for Success

Septic tank installation is a simple process made even simpler by trusted installers and experienced professionals. For the easiest ride, choose a trusted installer with the expertise to help you through the project from start to finish.

When installing or repairing your septic system, choose an installer that can do it all!

Septic tank installation doesn’t have to be inconvenient and you don’t have to be an expert! The team members at Economy Septic Tank Service are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. For the best advice throughout the installation or repair process, call us at (256) 435-1086 to schedule your service.