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A Septic Installation Crew Hoists A Concrete Septic Tank Between Mounds Of Excavated Dirt

Benefits of Septic Systems for Businesses & Commercial Properties

For many home and business owners, septic systems aren’t necessarily a choice. Often, we purchase residential or commercial properties with pre-existing septic systems or hookups to municipal sewers. But what if you’re building a commercial structure on undeveloped land? Should you pay the city for a connection to the sewer line or should you invest in septic technology?

At Economy Septic Tank Service, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners and business operators install, improve, and maintain their septic systems. But we know that waste management isn’t always a conscious decision. If you’re building a business in Alabama and weighing your options, consider these commercial advantages of doing business with septic systems over municipal sewers.

Top Advantages of Septic Systems for Businesses

No Monthly Bills

New businesses have enough going on with their finances to worry about the simple cost of flushing a toilet. Septic systems give your business a leg up straight out of the gate by limiting or eliminating monthly utility bills.

City waterworks are expensive, and when you hook up to the municipal sewer line, you’re also tying your business to the costs of operating and maintaining the city’s property. With a septic system, you won’t have to pay monthly water bills. That’s $0 coming out of your business each month and untold dollars going back in.

More Affordable To Construct

Depending on the property you’ve purchased and how far from the nearest sewer line you plan to build, that hookup to the municipal sewer system can set you back considerably. It’s not unheard of for sewer connections to cost $10,000 or more. In fact, in some cases, you may be responsible for $35,000-$50,0000 if you want to be a part of the city’s system. Septic systems, meanwhile, cost between $3,000-$9,500 on average.

But even if your hookup to the city’s sewers only costs $15,000, that infrastructure doesn’t belong to you. If the city decides to upgrade their city-wide infrastructure at a later date, you’ll be asked to pay for it with an increase in your monthly bills—like it or not.

Create Equity in Your Property

When undertaking new construction, it’s easy to factor in the cost of a septic system among the other foundational, structural, and developmental expenses. Unlike a hookup to a municipal sewer line, your septic system belongs only to you. The money you pay to install and maintain your septic system is, therefore, reflected in the value of your property.

If you decide to sell your business or your building, you can recoup those expenses at a later date. Well maintained septic systems can last for decades and will pay you back for the investment should you decide to relocate later.

Build Off the Beaten Path

Perhaps the greatest benefit of septic systems is the freedom they provide to business owners to build and operate wherever they want. With a septic system, you can locate your business wherever it’s best for your business.

If your business requires you to set up shop deep in the woods, septic systems are the way to go. If you’ve found the ideal piece of land that’s far from the nearest sewer line, septic systems are the way to go. In fact, if your business requires you to maintain a certain distance from residential property for reasons of noise, pollutants, or total land area needed to operate, septic systems are the only way to go.

With septic on your side, you can make decisions that are best for your business and your wallet rather than being forced to build wherever the city would prefer it.

Septic Systems Are Open For Business

From putting a dent in monthly expenses to creating real, lasting equity in your commercial structure, septic systems provide too many advantages to ignore. They’re affordable to maintain, reliable, mostly self-sustaining, and can last for upwards of 30 years or longer. Why pay the city for what natural bacteria and a buried tank will do for free—month after month, year after year?

At Economy Septic Tank Service, we can walk you through the process of choosing, placing, and installing the right septic system to meet your business needs. Build your future where you want, how you want, and without the city’s demands on your time & money with Economy Septic.

Don’t pay the city. Pay yourself and your business instead.

It’s hard enough to get a business going from scratch. During the planning process, you can save your new business money from day 1 by choosing a septic system installation from a local, Alabama company. For more information about how septic systems help launch careers and add equity to commercial properties, contact the pros at Economy Septic today at (256) 435-1086!