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Economy Septic – Excellent Service, Years of Experience

As a homeowner, you probably won’t give much thought to your septic system. After all, it’s a part of the property’s plumbing that’s often out of sight and out of mind. Once tanks get full, parts start underperforming, and the seasons change, it’s imperative that you restore the septic tank to full health for best performance.

Whether you’ve already completed a diagnosis and just need help with restoring the septic tank to full health or need an expert to identify the source of your problems, Economy Septic has the answer. With years of experience and intimate knowledge, we can help with everything from cleaning to replacements. Here’s how.

Professional Services In Northern Alabama Since 1975

With almost a half-century of expertise under our belt, Economy Septic is truly one of the premier septic system maintenance and repair services in Alabama. Our independently-owned business is proud to utilize industry-leading techniques and tools to deliver the very best care to both residential and commercial properties throughout Northern Alabama.

Located in Jacksonville, we support homeowners and businesses in Blount County, Calhoun County, Cherokee County, Clay County, Cleburne County, Dekalb County, Etowah County, St. Clair County, Shelby County, and Talladega County. In addition to a professional service, you’re guaranteed quick responses so that we can get your property back to its best in the shortest time.

At Economy Septic, our longevity in the industry can be attributed to the fact that we treat your property like we’d treat our own. We understand that you need a professional, reliable, and cost-effective solution to your septic tank and general plumbing needs. Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured experts go the extra mile to provide it. 

Let us take care of your septic pumping systems, and you can focus on enjoying your property once more.

Septic Tank Installation, Maintenance, & More

You might not be an expert in septic system care, but you will appreciate the need to find an expert who can provide the right service to keep your property’s water supply in a safe and efficient condition. Economy Septic is one of Alabama’s longest-serving service providers, completing thousands of projects for both homeowners and business owners in the Northern Alabama region.

Whatever is wrong with your septic system, our experts offer a range of services—all of which are supported by free estimates—to deliver the outcomes you deserve. This includes; 

Our work complies with all EPA guidelines and can be used to treat septic tanks of all sizes and wastewater volumes. Likewise, our technicians are able to deal with septic tank waste solids to get your systems back to their best. 

By using the latest tools on the market, Economy Septic guarantees quality maintenance and repairs to leave your septic system running at optimal efficiency while also cleaning the septic tank to reduce smells. Following this, our technicians will give you a list of actionable steps to maintain the results for as long as possible.

When you need a fast, effective, and highly professional septic tank maintenance service that will cover every aspect of repair and restoration, call Economy Septic on 256.435.1086.

Serving You & Your Septic System

With years of experience, the latest tools and techniques, and community roots in Alabama, Economy Septic is your go-to septic system repair, replacement, and service company! Call today to schedule a tank emptying (every 3-5 years), or keep up with the latest septic care tips on our blog page.

Here to support your house, family, and happiness!

Septic systems are workhorse plumbing and sewage solutions for independent thinkers and doers. By taking care of your septic system, it could last you 20 years or longer. Schedule routine maintenance and emptying or call us anytime you detect a malfunction, odor, or blockage. Call (256) 435-1086 for septic service you can count on in North Alabama today!